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Starting a 100 mini value study challenge!!!

I’m going to challenge myself to do 100 thumbnail size value studies!

The rules:

-pick images you love

-only use 3 values

-find the heart of the composition

-use simple shapes

-no details

-keep them small

-do 100 of them


-Bee Creative Marker Sketchbook.

-3 copic markers. N2, N4, and N8.

The N2 I will only use to mark out the shapes so I won’t use a pencil for that.

For the value part I will be using N8 for the darkest value, the N4 for medium, and the white of the paper for the light value. And the bee paper has a lovely white paper!

Also the bleeding isn’t so bad on this sketchbook. Can’t really use the back side of the paper after you draw on the front with the markers, but it doesn’t bleed through to the next page. Which does happen in some of my other sketchbooks like my moleskin.

I’m using markers because you can’t be wishy washy with your shapes. In the past I’ve made value studies with vine charcoal and you can smudge here and move things around there. Which is fine for exploration, but I want to work on being more confident with my decisions. And more direct with what I’m going for. This makes you think just a bit more before you make a mark, and therefore you're not just mindlessly marking your paper up. It brings you to the present, your mark is going to count, so make the effort!

Usually this would be super anxiety triggery, but I guess that’s the point of doing 100 of them! Shouldn’t I be able to ask more from myself without freaking out?! I’ve got plenty of gold stars for trying…

it’s time Sybil, it’s time to move to markers… 😬🤦‍♀️

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