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Welcome to my page...

Sybil Cohen here- artist, dreamer, wifey and mom. (Not always in that order ;)


I grew up right outside of New York City, with a wild imagination that often whisked me off to whimsical, far off places. Combine that with a mischievous sense of humor, and my childhood was filled with endless adventures. When I wasn’t making trouble, (and sometimes when I was ;) I was always creating. From sewing and crocheting colorful clothes to gluing a whole town of “Heart People” to the walls of my bedroom. (Ya, my parents just loved that one!) 



That drive to create fueled my passion for art and led me to study illustration at FIT. Fast forward to today, I live with my husband and our two energetic, creative, and yes, mischievous little girls (oh Karma…sigh). I spend my days in a studio filled with fun art supplies creating visual whimsical stories and enjoying every minute of it!

Thank you for taking a peek inside my world. 




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